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CHM 614: Advanced Organic Chemistry III (4)

Prerequisites: CHM 311, CHM 312

Concepts (Ligand systems, electron counting and chemical bonding).

Fundamental aspects (ligand substitutions, oxidative addition/reductive elimination, intramolecular insertions/ eliminations, nucleophilic/ electrophilic addition on coordinated ligands).

Coupling reactions and their synthetic applications (C-C and C-Heteroatom bond forming reactions).

Brief introduction to Fischer and Schrock carbene complexes, Metathesis (concepts and catalysts, RCM, ROM, CM, yne-metathesis, ene-yne metathesis and their applications).

Miscellaneous transition metal catalyzed reactions (C-H and C-F bond activation, carbonylation, click chemistry, hydrosilylation, etc.)

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