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CHM 613: Advanced Organic Chemistry I (4)

Prerequisites: CHM 311, CHM 312

Learning Objectives:

This is an advanced level course where students would learn asymmetric construction of C-C and C-hetero bond-forming reactions. Various aspects of asymmetric synthesis such as basic principle of enantioselective reactions, dynamic kinetic asymmetric transformations (DYKAT), synthesis of enantioenriched organic compounds via resolutions (kinetic, parallel kinetic, and dynamic kinetic resolutions), and various diastereoselective processes would be taught is this course.

Course Contents:

Concepts and principles of enantioselective and diastereoselective transformations (including Curtin-Hammet principle, 1,2-induction and 1,3-induction models)

Asymmetric C-C bond forming reactions (Asymmetric alkylations, Asymmetric additions to C=O, C=N, C=C bonds)

Asymmetric oxidation reactions (Dihydroxylations, epoxidations, enolate oxidations, chiral sulfoxides, etc.)

Asymmetric reductions of C=C, C=O and C=N bonds.

Resolutions (Kinetic, Parallel Kinetic, Dynamic Kinetic resolutions)

Non-linear effects and autocatalysis.

Desymmetrization reactions

Introduction to Organocatalysis (Covalent and non-covalent catalysis)

Suggested Readings :

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