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Biological Sciences

BIO 614: Ecology (4)

Ecology of individual organisms; population ecology; ecological communities; ecosystem ecology (food chain, food web, primary producers, primary production, secondary production, consumers, decomposers, decomposition, energy flow, biomass vs. production, ecological efficiency, detritus vs. grazing food chains, transport of production); community change: disturbance, succession, climax, phenology, seasonal pattern; adaptive evolution, neutral evolution, selection, maintenance of genetic variation, evolution of genotype, phenotype, evolution of sex, life history traits, r and K selection, group selection, extinction; trophic interactions: plant-pollinator, plant-disperser, herbivory, predation, optimal foraging, parasitism, competition, mutualism; biogeochemistry: nutrient cycling, hydrologic cycle, watershed studies, biological control of atmosphere and ocean; conservation ecology.

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