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Biological Sciences

BIO 613: Stem Cell Biology (4)

Introduction to concepts in stem cell biology- stemness, potency, lineage, renewal,clonality, etc; Stages of early development (zygote to gastrula) in mouse and human; Classification of stem cells- based on potency, tissue of origin, stage of origin; Embryonic stem cell (ESC)- molecular mechanism of cell renewal and maintenance of pluripotency, epigenetic modifications, spontaneous and directed differentiation, Embryonic carcinoma cells (ECC) and embryonic germ cells (EGC); Fetal stem cell in extra-embryonic tissues; Adult stem cell- stem cell niche, localization and identification of stem cells from various tissues and organs (skin, intestine, blood, brain, retina, muscle); Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)- methods of reprogramming differentiated cells, comparison with ESC; Personalized pluripotent stem cells; Stem cells and cancer; Potential therapies using stem cells- modeling diseases using stem cells, stem cell and tissue engineering for skin graft, stem cell in corneal and retinal regeneration; stem cell therapy for sickle cell anemia, neural stem cells for central nervous system repair, stem cells to repair damaged heart, insulin producing cells for treatment of diabetes, stem cell gene therapy; Ethical issues and guidelines for stem cell research.

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