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Biological Sciences

BIO 612: Developmental Biology (4)

Meiosis, gametogenesis (plants and animals), fertilization and embryogenesis, morphogen gradients, differentiation, asymmetric cell division, cell fate and lineage determination; Developmental embryonic stages, zygotic division, incomplete division and consequences, Ecto, meso and endodermal development, neural plate and neural tube formation; Early asymmetric division and generation of symmetry in developing embryo in animals and plants; Introduction to plant fertilization, ovule and egg and support cells; organogenesis and morphogenesis, metamorphosis, animal life cycle, sex determination and role of apoptosis in organ development; Role of morphogens and their gradient in axis patterning and determination. Concept of anterio-posterior, dorso-ventral and medio-lateral axis formation; Root and shoot development, seed formation (monocot/dicot) and germination; flowering and nonflowering plants; Model organisms like Drosophila, C. elegans, G. gallus, Xenopus. Cellular differentiation and senescence; Meristamatic tissue, development of root and leaf and floral tissues; Stem cells and pluripotency. iPS cells

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