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Biological Sciences

BIO 407: Virology (4)

Overview and history; Classification of viruses; Virion components and structure; Viral entry: Viral proteins and host cell surface receptors involved; Mechanisms of viral entry; Viral replication; Viral maturation and release; Pathogenic viruses : Respiratory viruses; Gastroenteritis causing viruses; Hepatitis viruses; Herpesviruses; Haemorrhagic fever causing viruses; Enteroviruses; Congenital viral infections; Retroviruses; Arboviruses and Viral zoonoses; Oncogenic viruses; Viruses implicated in exanthematous diseases.; Agents of viral encephalitis; Emerging and re emerging viral infections (In each of the above groups, to discuss briefly on the following: (i) viruses included (ii) epidemiology (iii) viral pathogenicity); Immunology of viral infections; Strategies for control of viral infections: Antiviral agents; Active and passive immunoprophylaxis; General laboratory methods for diagnosis of viral infections; Case studies from literature, evolving and emerging areas of interest.

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