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Biological Sciences

BIO 406: Cancer Biology (4)

Cell division, aneuploidy, polyploidy and chromosomal translocations, consequential uncontrolled growth and cancer; Nature of cancer; carcinogens, DNA damage and mutagenesis; Inherited susceptibility to cancer; Genomic integrity and development of cancer; Cancer cell cycle and tumor suppressor proteins, cell signaling; Cellular Oncogenes, mitogens and dysregulation of pathways in cancer; Growth factors and associated signaling pathways in cancer; Epigenetics in cancer; Tumor viruses and mechanisms of oncogenesis; Tumor metastasis; Angiogenesis; Cellular immortalization and activation of telomerase in cancer; Apoptosis; Stem cells; Tumor immunology; Role of cytokines and hormones in cancer; Immunotherapy and cancer gene therapy, chemo and radiation therapy.

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