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Biological Sciences

BIO 306: Animal Physiology (3)

Tissue system and their functions: Epithelial tissue, Connective tissue, muscular tissue and nervous tissue; Principles of physiology: relationship between structure and function, Adaptation, Homeostasis, Feed-back control systems and regulation; Methods for exploring physiological mechanisms: Use of Molecular, Cellular and biochemical techniques; Endocrine system: Hormones and their Physiological effects; Stress and adaptation; Respiratory system: respiratory pigments, transport of gases in blood, regulation of body pH; Excretory system: Osmoregulation, osmoregulators, obligatory exchanges of ions and water. Osmoregulation in water and terrestrial environment; Nervous system: gross anatomy of the brain and spinal cord; sense organs; thermoregulation; Digestive system: Acquisition of Energy: Metabolism, and absorption; Cardiovascular system: blood and circulation; anatomy of heart, ECG, cardiac cycle, regulation of cardiac output and blood pressure; Reproductive System and unifying themes of animal development.

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