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Biological Sciences

BIO 305: Plant Physiology (3)

Learning Objectives:

Origin and evolution of land plants, Genome organization of plants, Plant cell growth, Metabolism- Photosynthesis, Mineral nutrition, Development- Root, Shoot, Flower, Plant hormones, Abiotic factors controlling plant development- Light, Salt, Temperature, Biotic interactions and plant defense.

Course Contents:

Plant Water Relations: Osmosis, diffusion, Mechanisms of water uptake in plants, Bulk-flow hypothesis, transpirational pull, caviation; Solute transport: Transport proteins in plants and their importance; Mineral Nutrition, Classification of mineral elements required by plants, their importance, deficiency symptoms, Hydroponics, different media for plant growth, mineral toxicity, phytoremediation; Mineral assimilation: N2, Sulfur and phosphorous metabolism, Biological Nitrogen fixation, Nodulation, Nod and Nif genes, Nitrogenase enzyme; Photosynthesis: Discovery, Evidence of existence of two photosystems, Macromolecular; organization of PSII and PSI, Photosynthetic Electron transport chain, Photoinhibition, KOK Cycle, Dark Reaction, C3, C2, C4 and CAM, KRANZ anatomy, Starch metabolism; Phloem Transport: Structure and function of Phloem, sieve tubes; Plant Secondary Metabolites, Plant Defense mechanisms: PR proteins; Hypersensitive response, involvement of phytohormone in plant defense, Systemic acquired resistance; Plant Signaling: Basic mechanism of two-component signaling, involvement of protein shuttling, modification and degradation in gene regulation; Phytochrome, Light controlled Plant Development; Blue Light response and signaling; Phytohormones-Auxin, GA, Cytokinin, ABA, Ethylene, Brassinosteroids, mutants and commercial uses of hormones; Flowering: Regulation of flowering in plants, Vernalization, mutants; Physiology and Abiotic stress response and tolerance: Plant Biotechnology: Micropropagation, Progammed Cell Death and Senescence.

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