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Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal

Biological Sciences

BIO 202: Basic Genetics (3)

Principles of inheritance; Concept of gene- allele, multiple alleles, pseudoallele; Mendelian principles - Dominance; Segregation; Independent assortment; Codominance, Incomplete dominance; Non Mendelian inheritance- cytoplasmic inheritance, Maternal effect, Epistasis, Plieotropy. Overview of different mutations: Lethal, conditional, biochemical, loss of function, gain of function, germinal and somatic mutants, insertional mutagenesis; Structural and numerical alterations of chromosomes: Deletion, duplication, inversion, translocation and ploidy; Chromosomal theory of inheritence, Sex linked inheritance, pedigree analysis, Microbial genetics: Methods of genetic transfers- transformation, conjugation and transduction; Cell division-Mitosis and meiosis, Cell cycle and its regulation. Behavioral and population genetics, and environmental effects. Human genetics (blood group, genetic diseases), probability.

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