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PHY 305: Classical Mechanics (4)

Learning Objectives:

The course deals with the advances concepts of mechanics. It gives a good understanding of Lagrangian mechanics, conservation principles, oscillations and waves, gravitation, central force, scattering, rigid body etc. The tools learnt in this course will be extremely useful to undersnand wide branches of physics including condensed matter, high energy physics and cosmology.

Course Contents:

Review of Newtonian mechanics.                                                      
Lagrangian mechanics, generalized coordinates, calculus of variations, constraints, principle of virtual work, Lagrange’s equation.

Symmetry principles, Noether theorem,                                                                      
Central forces, Planetary motions, Collisions, Scattering, Small oscillations, Normal modes, Forced oscillators, Anharmonic oscillators, Perturbation theory.

Rigid body dynamics, Motion of a top.
Hamilton’s equations, phase space & phase trajectories, canonical trans-formations, Poisson brackets.Hamilton- Jacobi theory.

Suggested Books:

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