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PHY 304: Quantum Mechanics II (4)

Prerequisite: PHY 303 Quantum Mechanics I, PHY 301 Mathematical Methods I

Theory of Spin: Stern-Gerlach experiment; Formulation of spin ½ states; Pauli matrices; Addition of angular momentum

Approximation Methods for Stationary States: Time Independent Perturbation Theory: Formalism; Applications to relativistic corrections (‘fine structure corrections’) to atom (a) Relativistic K.E, (b) Spin-Orbit couplings, (c) Darwin term; WKB method:  Descriptions of tunneling Variational method: Application to He atom ground state

Time Dependent Phenomena: Formalism; Fermi’s Golden rule; Adiabatic approximations; Application to matter-radiation interactions; Emissions and absorptions of photons; Selection rule for electric dipole transitions; Applications to Lasers

Scattering by a Potential: Formalism; Born approximations; Partial wave analysis

Symmetries in quantum mechanics

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: Klein Gordon Equation; Dirac Equation; Plane wave solutions; Negative energy states; Spin; Magnetic moments; Non-relativistic limit of the Dirac equation

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