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PHY 102: Electromagnetism (3)

Cylindrical and Spherical coordinate systems: Line, surface and volume elements

Introduction to vector calculus: Gradient, Divergence and curl of Fields, Divergence theorem, Stokes Theorem, Dirac delta function.

Electrostatics: Coulomb’s Law, Gauss’s law (integral and differential form) and its applications, Electric potential, Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations (no solutions), Energy of a charge distribution, , Boundary conditions, Conductors, The uniqueness theorem (statement only), Method of images, Field and Potential due to dipole. Multipole expansion, Polarization in a dielectric, vectors D, P and E, linear dielectrics, force on dielectrics.

Electric currents: Line, surface and volume currents and current densities, electrical conductivity and Ohm’s law, equation of continuity, energy dissipation.

Motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields

Magnetostatics: Biot-Savart and Ampere’s law, divergence and curl of B, integral and differential form of Ampere’s law, vector potential, Boundary conditions, Magnetic dipoles, Multipole expansion, magnetization in materials, H, B and M, Dia-, para- and ferro-magnetism, B and H in bar-magnet.

Electrodynamics: Electromagnetic induction, motional emf and Faraday’s law, inductance and energy in magnetic field, the displacement current, Maxwell’s equations.

Electromagnetic Wave: EM wave in vacuum and dielectrics, Poynting’s theorem, Reflection, transmission, refraction of EM wave

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