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PHY 101: Mechanics (3)

Learning Objectives:

The course will introduce foundations of Newton's laws of mechanics and its application to many particle sytems, rotational motion, non-intertial systems. The course will also introduce the theory of special relativity.

Course Contents:

Kinematics: Introduction to coordinate systems, polar coordinate system, velocity and acceleration in polar coordinate system.

Kinetics: Force, Newton’s laws of motion, Frames of reference, Momentum, Momentum of system of particles, Conservation laws, Center of mass, Variable mass system, Collision in laboratory and Center of mass system and Scattering.

Relativity: Axioms of relativity, Lorentz transformation, length contraction, time dilation, relativistic mass energy, Doppler effect.

Rigid body motion: Rigid body, Moment of inertia, Rigid body kinematics, Rigid body kinetics, Motion of gyroscope

Non Inertial Frame: Physics in the rotating coordinate system, Fictitious force.

Central force and Motion of planets and satellites

Oscillations and Waves: Small oscillations, damped harmonic oscillation and forced oscillation, Q factor and resonance. Differential equation of one dimensional wave and its solution, reflection and transmission of waves.

Note: Mathematical tools may be introduced as and when required.

Suggested Books:

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