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CHM 617: Chemical Biology (4)

Prerequisites: CHM 343

Introduction: What is Chemical Biology, Basics of Biology: Lipids, DNA, Protein, Sugars - their function and importance.

Structure of peptides and proteins: Primary, secondary and tertiary structure, Non-covalent interactions, Aggregation, Folding, Misfolding.

Microscopy and Spectroscopy in Biology: AFM, SEM, TEM, DLS, CD, UV-Vis, Fluorescence and Bioluminescence, NMR, MS.

Bioorthogonal Ligation techniques: Functional group specific ligation techniques, Strategies for attachment of synthetic molecules to biomolecules, Bioorthogonal ligations, Staudinger Ligation, Native Chemical Ligation, Intein-mediated synthesis, Site selective protein modification.

Natural and Synthetic Lipids: Natural and synthetic membranes, Vesicles. Designing synthetic vectors for DNA and siRNA, Differential Scanning Calorimetry.

DNA chemistry and its uses:Molecular recognition of DNA, Recognition and modulation of DNA, RNA, and proteins with small molecules, siRNA, RNAi and its applications, DNA-based architectures and DNA Nanotechnology.

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