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Biological Sciences

BIO 604: Neurobiology (4)

Organization of the nervous system; Cytology of neurons- structural and functional blue print of neurons, sensory and motor neurons; Ion-channels- importance of ion channel in nerve physiology, characteristics of ion channels, structure of ion channels, techniques used to study ion channels; Bioelectricity, measurement of bioelectricity; Electrical properties of neurons; Membrane potentials- resting membrane potential, Ionic basis of membrane potential; Generation and propagation of action potential; Synaptic transmission- membrane trafficking at nerve terminals, local machinery at nerve terminals for vesicle recycling, genetics and cell biology of synaptic vesicle trafficking; modulation of synaptic transmission; Neurotransmitters- properties, types and classification of neurotransmitters and their synthesis neuromodulators; Synaptic plasticity and its implication in learning and memory; Introduction to perception (with emphasis on Pain, Visual and Odor perception).

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