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Biological Sciences

BIO 603: Structural Biology (4)

Proteins from primary to quaternary structures: Amino acids, primary sequence, peptide bond, dihedral angle, Geometry and chemistry of di-peptide, Ramachandran map, Secondary structural elements and their geometric description. Collagen triple helix, Super secondary structure, Structural domains, Quaternary association of globular proteins; Basics of nucleic acid structure: The building blocks, DNA secondary structure: the Double Helix, Deviation from the ideal geometry, higher-order structure and nucleosomes, tertiary structure of RNA; Protein structure, function and mechanism: Examples of protein three dimensional structures, molecular mechanism of enzymatic function, protein-protein interaction, chaperons, membrane proteins; Virus structure and assembly; Structural biology and evolution; Current topics in structural biology: membrane protein structure, Signal transduction, cell motility, cell-cell interaction, immune system, protein folding and degradation.

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