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PHY 404: Nuclear and Particle Physics (4)

Prerequisites: PHY 304: Quantum Mechanics II

Properties of nucleon-nucleon interaction, general forms of N-N potential, description of low energy neutron-proton scattering to show spin dependence of nuclear force, ground state properties of deuteron, simple considerations of deuteron using central potential.

Coumpound nucleus theory, shell model potential and shell theory, liquid drop model, electromagnetic interaction in nuclei, parity and angular momentum selection rules, internal conversion, Fermi theory of Beta decay

Nucleon emission, separation energy, alpha decay and its energy spectrum, Q-value, Gamow's theory of alpha decay, Beta decay and its energy spectrum, Need for neutrinos, Q-value of Beta decay, Gamma decay, Selection rules for gamma transitions (no derivation).

Basic interactions in nature, elementary particles, quantum numbers and conservation laws, concepts of isospin, quark flavors and colors, quark model, eightfold way, mesons and baryons, bound states and resonance states.

Feynman diagrams and interactions in the standard model, CKM matrix, neutrino mixing, introduction to decay channels, branching fractions and decay times, OZI rule.

Relativistic Kinematics, Four vectors, relativistic energy-mometum conservation and collisions. Noether's theorem, symmetries and conservation laws, discrete symmetries (CPT).

Brief review of Experimental Methods: Gas Filled counters (ionization Chamber), Scintillation counter, Spark Chambers, Cerenkov detectors, Ion Sources, Synchrotron, Introduction of Modern Colliders (LHC and RHIC), Storage Ring

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