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PHY 402: Atomic and Molecular Physics (4)

Prerequisite: PHY 304: Quantum Mechanics II

Brief review of Hydrogen atom and periodic table; Significance of four quantum numbers; Concepts of atomic orbital

One Valance Electron Atom: Review of  [Orbital magnetic dipole moment; Orbital, spin and total angular momenta; Spin-orbit interaction and fine structures]; Intensity of spectral lines; General selection rules; Details of Stark, Zeeman (Normal and anomalous) and Paschenbeck effects

Many Valance Electrons Atom:  Two Valance Electrons Atom:  Para and ortho states and the role of Pauli’s Exclusion principle, He atom, Identical particles, Slater determinant; LS and JJ coupling scheme

Approximation Methods: The Hatree-Fock method; The Thomas-Fermi model of the atom

Width and shape of spectral lines; Hyperfine structure of lines; Lamb shift; Principal of ESR with experimental setup; chemical shift

Molecules: Concept of valance and bonding; Born-Oppenheimer approximation; Hydrogen molecule – Heitler-London method

Molecular orbital and electronic configuration of diatomic molecules (H2, C2, O2, NO, and CN); Vibrational structure and vibrational analysis; Frank-Condon principle; Dissociation energy; Rotational spectra; Raman spectra and influence of nuclear spin

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