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PHY 201: Quantum Physics (3)

Learning Objectives:

To learn basics of modern physics including basic quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, solid state physics and nuclear physics

Course Contents:

Wave theory and physical optics :Plane wave in 1 d and 3d, representation of a wave, wave equation, phase velocity and group velocity, light as a wave - nterference, Young's double slit experiment, coherence, diffraction by single slit and circular aperture, polarization

Introduction to quantum mechanics: Photoelectric effect, Compton effect, electron diffraction, de Broglie wavelength, Wave particle duality, Wave function and Born’s interpretation, Wave packet, Position and linear momentum, Heisenberg uncertainty principle.                   
Dynamical variables and corresponding Operators, expectation values, Schrödinger wave equation, stationary states.

Solution of Schrödinger equation in particle in a box, potential barriers and tunneling (eg STM, AFM), Probability current density, bound states of rectangular well potential, simple harmonic oscillator.

Angular momentum, hydrogen atom, spin angular momentum.

Elements of statistical physics: Classical statistics (Arguments leading to Boltzmann Law, S=kB lnΩ), Phase space in 2D and 3D (classical and quantum), Identical particles, Bose and Fermi Statistics.

Free electron gas, Fermi energy, Specific heat of metals. Photon gas, Planck’s radiation law and its consequences.  Bose Einstein Condensation

Elements of Nuclear Physics: Shell Model, Weizsaecker mass formula, Nuclear fusion and fission.

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