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MTH 612: Non-commutative Algebra (4)

Pre-requisites: MTH 301, MTH 302, MTH 401

Matrix Rings and PLIDs, Tensor Products of Matrix Algebras, Ring constructions using Regular Representation

Basic notions for Noncommutative Rings, Structure of Hom(M,N),  Semisimple Modules & Rings,  the Wedderburn Structure Theorem, Simple Rings, Rings with Involution

The Jacobson Radical and its properties, Primitive Rings and Ideals,  Hopkins-Levitzki Theorem,  Nakayama’s Lemma , Radical of a Module, Local Rings, Chevalley-Jacobson  Theorem, Kolchin’s Theorem, Clifford Algebras.

Prime and Semiprime rings, Rings of Fractions and Goldie’s Theorems, Rings with ACC (ideals),  Tensor Algebras, Algebras over large Fields, Deformations and Quantum Algebras.

Hereditary Rings and their Modules, Division rings.

Central Simple Algebras, Cyclic Algebras, Symbol Algebras, Crossed Products, the Brauer Group, the functor Br, the Skolem-Noether Theorem, the centralizer Theorem, calculation of Brauer group of commutative rings.

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