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HSS 103: Basics of Communication Skills (1)

Communication Skills: Process of Communication, Principles of Communication, Barriers to Communication, Ways to avoid barriers, Oral and Written Communication, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Reading Skills: Process of Reading, way to improve reading skills Reading Comprehension Skills: Discovering structure; identifying themes and sub-themes; understanding and interpreting facts; distinguishing facts from opinions and specific from general statements; searching for information; drawing information and making generalizations.

Language Skills:

  1. Common Grammatical Mistakes: Sentence fragments, Comma splice, Run-together-fused sentences; Faulty agreement and reference of pronouns; Shifts in point of view; Mixed constructions; Omissions; Incomplete and illogical comparisons
  2. Diction: Denotation and connotation; Exactness, appropriateness and effectiveness; Idiomatic usage; Colloquialisms
  3. Strategies: Economy, emphasis, Clarity, concreteness, unity and coherence

Spoken Language Skills: Descriptive, narrative, argumentative and expository techniques in spoken language use

Listening Skills: Importance and Process of Listening, Types of Listening, Barriers to Listening

Role Plays

Suggested Books:

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