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Earth and Environmental Sciences

EES 412: Advanced Field Geology (2)

Prerequisites (Desirable): All EES 300 level courses

Learning Objectives:

Advanced geological mapping is a field based course with strong emphasis on detailed observations and the development of mapping skills of relatively complex geological terrains. The students will learn how to prepare a detailed geological map of a small area. The course involves the study of both natural outcrops in the field and pre-field studies of satellite imagery of the region, involving image processing techniques and GIS software.

Course Contents:

Outline and approach, safety, field behavior, geological heritage.

Field Equipment:
Brunton compasses and clinometers, hand lenses, tapes, map cases, field notebooks, sketching and drawing tools, Global Positioning System (GPS), geochemical field kits and probes.

Methods of Geological mapping:
Strategy for the mapping programme, mapping by following contacts, traversing, exposure mapping, mapping in poorly exposed regions, superficial deposits, drill site locations, geophysical aids to mapping.

Field Measurements and Techniques:
Measuring strike and dip of planar structures - plotting strike and dip, measuring linear features, folds, faults, thrusts, joints, unconformities, map symbols, specimen collection, and field photography.

Mappable Rock Units and Lithology:
Lithostratigraphy and sedimentary rocks, sedimentary formations, rock descriptions, identifying and naming rocks in the field based on the mineralogy, texture, collection of samples, sampling design.

Method of apparent dips, down-plunge projection method, balanced cross-sections, and columnar sections block diagrams, models.

Preparation of  Geological Report:
Geological Report - introduction, main body of the report, conclusions, text illustrations, references, appendices.

Suggested Readings :

  1. Clarke, S. M., 2016, Advanced Geological Mapping: A Field Guide, John Wiley & Sons.
  2. Lisle, R. J., 2014, Geological Structures and Maps, A Practical Guide (3rd Edition), Butterworth-Heinemann

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