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CHM 637: Chemistry and Physics of Materials (4)

Prerequisites: CHM 222, CHM 322/642 or PHY 303

Learning Objectives:

The prime objective of this course is to understand structure and properties of advanced functional materials in bulk and in nanodimension. Applications of materials in the filed of energy, bio-imaging and opto-electronics is also one of the main learning objectives of this course.

Course Contents:

Structure and Bonding in Materials: Ideal structures, types of interactions and bonding, experimental determination of structure, defects and disorder in solids.

Review of Basic Concepts: Quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, interaction of radiation with matter.

Properties of Materials: Electronic properties of solids, transport properties, thermal conductivity, lattice dynamics and structural phase transitions, absortion and scattering of radiation by crystals, electro-optic and photovoltaic effects, and elastic phenomena.

Structure and Properties at the Nano-scale: Optical, electronic and structural properties of confined systems, principles of electron microscopy and other experimental tools for nano-science.

Surface Science: Introduction to surface structure, electronic states, adsorption, reactivity of surfaces, surface free energy and stress.

Functional Materials

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