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CHM 632: Physical Chemistry of Polymers (4)

Prerequisites: CHM 222, CHM 321, CHM 324 and CHM 421 or their equivalent are desirable

Introduction: Basic concepts, types of polymers, molecular weights, determination of molecular weights.

Polymerization kinetics: Stepwise & chain growth kinetics, Carothers equation, kinetic chain length, copolymerization and emulsion polymerization.

Structure of Polymer Chain: Chain isomerism, stereoregularity, configurations, and conformations, NMR characterizations, radius of gyration.

Polymer solutions and blends: Thermodynamics and statistical thermodynamics, lattice model, Flory-Huggins theory, osmotic pressure, phase separation, properties of dilute polymer solutions: intrinsic viscosity.

Polymer viscoelasticity and glass transition (Tg): Stress-strain behavior, Stress relaxation, Maxwell-Voigt mechanical models, glass and melting transition, thermodynamic aspects of Tg, determination of Tg (calorimetry, dynamic mechanical analysis), factors affecting Tg.

Networks, gels and rubber elasticity: Gel point, rubbery elastic states of polymers, thermodynamics of polymer elasticity-equation of state, ideal elastomers.

Crystalline state of polymers: Polymer Crystallization, thermodynamics and kinetics of crystallizations, semi-crystalline structures, experimental methods.

Applications and emerging technologies: Conducting and semi-conducting polymers in organic electronics, liquid crystalline polymers, self-assembly, Merrifield resins, polymer nanocomposites, plasticizers, antioxidant, adhesives.

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