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CHM 321: Physical Chemistry of Solutions (4)

Prerequisites: CHM 222

Learning Objectives:

Concepts related to chemical kinetics, basic electrochemistry and phase equilibrium of binary mixtures will be discussed. This course is crucial for chemistry students irrespective of specialization since chemical kinetics, solution property are important for all branches of chemists.

Course Contents:

Phase transitions in multi-component systems.

Ionic solutions: Mechanism of electrolysis and Faraday’s laws. Conductance, electrolytic conductance, solvation of ions, Debye-Huckel-Onsager conductance equation, degree of dissociation, transport number, free energy and activity, Debye-Huckel limiting law, solubility equilibria, overview of electrode processes, electrical double layer, Faradaic reactions, mass transfer controlled reactions, coupled chemical reactions.

Electrochemistry: Electrochemical cells and reactions, basics of electrochemical thermodynamics, Nernst equation, Butler-Volmer model.

Chemical kinetics: Order and molecularity, kinetics of zero, first and second order reactions. Parallel, reversible and consecutive reactions. Concept of steady state and its application. Arrhenius equation, Lindemann hypothesis, collision rate theory, transition state theory. Enzyme kinetics and catalysis.

Suggested Books:

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