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Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal

Biological Sciences

BIO 603S: Advances in Microscopy (2)

Light, Lenses and Images; Light Microscopy- fluorescence microscopy: considerations and controls; Basics concepts in fluorescence, fluorophores and fluorescent markers; Genetically-encoded fluorescent markers and their application;  Sample preparation and Image acquisition: parameters, controls and ways to make mistakes!; Live imaging, maintaining live cells and tissues during imaging; Video Microscopy and Video cameras; Applications of scientific grade EM-CCD cameras to Biological Imaging; Confocal Microscopy: Principles, Practice and limitation; Multiphoton deep-tissue imaging; High-resolution Imaging: STED, PALM and STORM; Understanding, processing, analyzing and quantify Images  and data-set from a light microscope;Discussion of research paper that led to the advancement for fluorescence imaging.

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