The Mace is a symbol of authority. The earliest Maces, usually carried by a royal bodyguard were intended to be used as a weapon to protect the King, should he be attacked. As time passed, cities, parliaments, and other bodies adopted the Mace to serve as an object vested with the power of the Institution. In Academia, the Mace is a treasured object of the “Symbol and Authority of Office ”.

Graduates, faculty, students, and all community members of an Institute look forward to the convocation ceremony as the showcase event of the academic year. The Mace adds dignity, meaning, and a sense of ceremonial authority to the convocation proceedings. It reminds both participants and spectators that education is a cherished attribute of the society and symbolizes the values that the Institute upholds.

IISER Bhopal’s mace is made of brass and teak wood and displays the Institute’s logo in brass with deep brown and gold relief. Above and beneath the logo the words 'ज्ञानम बलमस्ति' and ‘Knowledge is Power’, respectively, are engraved. There is also a brass olive-wreath encircling the Institute logo proclaiming the fact that IISER Bhopal educates students with an aim of safeguarding and promoting peace.

The Students must wear traditional dress in off-while colour preferably made of Khadi/Handloom febric, as follows:

  • Kurta - Pajama/Dhoti for Boys
  • Saree/Salwar -Kameez for Girls

Ceremonial Robes

  • The Kosa Silk Robe for dignitaries with Golden-Maroon Border.
  • The Kosa Silk Robe for members of Senate, BoG and Heads of the Departments with Golden-Blue Border.
  • The Kosa Silk Robe for Marshal (Registrar) with Golden-Green Border.


  • Marron for dignitaries.
  • Blue for members of Senate, BoG and Heads of the Departments.
  • Green for Marshal (Registrar).
  • Violet for BS Graduands.
  • Cyan for BS-MS Graduands.
  • Yellow for MS Graduands.
  • Red for Ph.D. Graduands.

The Chief Guest
Professor Deepak Dhar
Distinguished Professor Emeritus and NASI-Senior Scientist,IISER Pune

Board of Governors, IISER Bhopal
Professor Jyeshtharaj Bhalchandra Joshi
Former Director, ICT Mumbai

Chairperson Senate
Professor Siva Umapathy
Director, IISER Bhopal

Director's Report

The Institute awards the D.Sc. (Honoris Causa) degree at its convocation from time-to-time. This degree is awarded to individuals (from India and abroad) in recognition of their outstanding contributions in various fields including, but not limited to science, art, literature, technology, sports, and public service. In addition to the degree certificate, the D.Sc. (Honoris Causa) degree awardee is also presented with a medal.

The recipient(s) of the D.Sc. (Honoris Causa) degree shall be the Guest of Honour at the convocation and shall join the Academic Procession with other dignitaries.

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