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Minute-to-Minute Programme for the Third Convocation

Venue: L-5, Lecture Hall Complex, IISER Bhopal Campus Date: June 1, 2015
16:45 Hrs. Arrival of the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour at L-2
(They will be received by the Director and ushered for wearing the convocation gown)
16:55 Hrs. Academic Procession starts
17:00 Hrs. Invocation (All will rise while Invocation is on)
17:03 Hrs. Chairperson, BOG declares the Convocation open
17:04 Hrs. Award of Honoris Causa by the Chairperson, BoG
(Citation will be read by Chairperson, Senate)
17:10 Hrs. Acceptance speech and address by the Guest of Honour
17:15 Hrs. Award of degrees by the Chairperson, Senate
17:45 Hrs. Chairperson, BOG signs the register for award of degrees
17:47 Hrs. Exhortation by the Chairperson, Senate
17:50 Hrs. Presentation of Medals and Prizes by the Chairperson, BOG
17:55 Hrs. Valedictory address by the President’s Gold Medal Winner
18:00 Hrs. Presentation of the Report of the Institute by the Director
18:10 Hrs. Introduction of the Chief Guest by the Chairperson, BOG
18:13 Hrs. Convocation address by the Chief Guest
18:30 Hrs. The National Anthem (All will rise)
18:32 Hrs. Chairperson, BOG declares the Convocation closed
18:33 Hrs. Academic Procession leaves
Academic Procession

The Academic Procession will consist of two groups, graduands and dignitaries. The graduands dressed in the academic regalia will assemble in the designated room and will line up for the procession at the designated times as instructed by a faculty marshal. The graduand’s procession will be led by a musical band.

Once all graduands have occupied their seats in the auditorium, the dignitaries also donning academic regalia, led by the Marshal (Registrar, carrying the mace) will proceed to the auditorium to occupy their seats on the dais.

Award of Degrees and Other Events

The entire audience will remain standing at their respective seats as the Academic Procession enters and proceeds towards the dais and will continue to remain standing until the end of the invocation. Following the invocation, dignitaries will be felicitated and the convocation will be opened by the Chairperson, Board of Governors. Thereafter, a report of the Institute will be presented by the Director. Thereafter, the award of degrees will commence.

Following the award of degrees, various medals will be presented by the Chief Guest. Various medals and the criteria for selection of awardees are outlined in the Medals tab. This event will be followed by the addresses of the Guest of Honor and Other Special Invitees on the dais.

The Chairperson, Board of Governors will then invite the Chief Guest to deliver the Convocation address. The National Anthem will then be played. Thereafter, the ceremony is declared closed and the procession leaves the hall".

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